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We work hard to be a leading company in the vacuum and semiconductor industry.

Anadolu Vacuum products are created with 50 years of craftsmanship, experience in the trade, machining experience, family tradition and artisanship. This special collection of products has been developed and tested since 2009. Anadolu Vacuum meets customer needs with modern production techniques, quality and product improvement practices. By meeting engineering and quality material needs, and customer requests in an economical way that is also in conformity with international quality standards, we aim to provide our valuable customers with solutions in the vacuum and semiconductor industries.

The products you will see in these pages have been developed with the aim of providing cost effective, highly durable, easy to use quality materials and good customer service/customer support. Which has been established after extensively researching internationally sold products.

In additions to its products, Anadolu Vacuum is also a practical, fast and reliable solution partner that meets its customers expectations by finding solutions tailored to its customers specific requests, by being able to work on an order-based manner and by answering its customers needs and requests as quickly as possible.

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Anadolu Vacuum, a company that constantly improves itself through customer surveys, international collaborations, ever-improving production experience, high quality production lines, highly trained professionals and impeccable customer service principles. We design products for vacuum and semiconductor industry. Anadolu Vacuum products are special selection of 304 or 316 Stainles Steel and Aluminium EN AW 6082 vacuum and fitting components flanges, seals, O-rings and clamps. Our vacuum and fitting components can be customized for your specific needs. Also we produce custom products, vacuum chambers and vacuum brazings.


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The Small flange or KF standard (DIN 28403, ISO 2861) is the standard connection for vacuum pipes up to the nominal diameter of DN50 used in low and high vacuum. KF flanges utilize an Aluminium clamp with a single wing nut allowing frequent assembly and disassembly without the need for any tools. Trapped centering rings and NW clamps or clamp chains are offered for special applications.

ISO KF vacuum systems employ components with metric interface dimensions which have been defined by the International Standards Organisation (ISO 1609). This ensures a high degree of compatibility between components obtained from different sources. The bolt type flanges are assembled by using a set of bolts to fix the position of the mating flanges, whereas the claw clamp flanges use double claw clamps to hold two flanges together. In addition, the use of the claw clamps means that mating flanges can be connected together in any orientation. A wide range of adaptors for connection to CF or KF flanges can be found in the adaptor section.

The generation of ultra high vacuum (UHV) makes great demands on the material and connections. Therefore the CF standard was created in the UHV technology (ISO 3669). CF components compress a copper gasket between two stainless steel flanges to create a vacuum tight seal in ultra high vacuum. The CF flange system is more commonly used within the vacuum industry and as such has a much larger standard product offering. For transition from UHV to HV, Anadolu Vacuum also offers a complete range of adaptors for CF flange to KF or ISO flange. Please refer to the adaptor section.

Anadolu Vacuum manufactures standard vacuum chambers and special vacuum chambers. Vacuum chamber production is the most important part of the vacuum system. We provide the technological infrastructure and engineering services needed to produce a perfectly working vacuum chamber and we can produce vacuum chambers tailored to your needs. At the same time, we perform helium leak detector tests of our vacuum chambers in our factory.

Anadolu Vacuum manufactures special vacuum brazings. Vacuum brazings are used for a special process in which dissimilar metal components are joined using an lower filler metal. Vacuum soldering is one of the forms commonly used in furnace brazing, and vacuum brazing is needed to perform vacuum brazing.

As Anadolu Vacuum, we are constantly working on research and development and product development projects. We understand your needs and are happy to be your solution partner by providing a trusted advisor. We design special products according to your needs by providing engineering, design and manufacturing services for ISO-KF, ISO-K, ISO-F and CF (ConFlat) systems in vacuum and semiconductor industry with our team of 30 experts consisting of engineers, technicians, designers, operators and administrative staff. You can contact us for special production vacuum components, vacuum chambers and vacuum brazings.

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Vacuum Components

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