Vacuum Components


We make special productions for the vacuum and semiconductor industry.


KF components are used in low, medium and high vacuum systems. KF flanges are a sexless design, made from stainless steel or Aluminium. The seal is a elastomeric O-ring placed in a centering ring (inner centered), which aligns the flanges and holds the O-ring in position. These components are manufactured at Anadolu Vacuum in accordance with DIN 28403 and ISO 2861 in sizes NW10 to NW50 and are compatible with components from other well-known brand. The name KF (for Klein Flansche) was acknowledged by ISO, DIN, and Pneurop standards organizations. It is also called QF, NW and occasionally DN.


Anadolu Vacuum ISO Flange components are manufactured on the strength of DIN 28404 and ISO 1609. ISO flanges (also called Large ISO) have a sexless design and are made from stainless or Aluminium. All components produced by Anadolu Vacuum are 100% leak-tested and have leak rates better than 10-9 mbarl/s.

Standard sizes are NW 63 to 320. Nominal widths of up to 630 can be manufactured upon request. ISO-K clamping flange components are appropriate for building up high-vacuum connection from 10-9 mbar to 1.5 bar. Montage is via screw clamps, claws or a collar flange with snap ring and screws. The clamps, claws or screws must be fixed with so that the flanges butt against the centering ring. This requires a remarkable increment in torque. Sealing takes place according to the particular necessities via elastomer seals or an aluminium ring. In this case metal seals, the increased contact forces mean that accordingly more screw clamps are required. A collar flange supplly a problem-free progress to ISO-F. The progress to KF components and also CF components is effectively conceivable using ISO-K/KF or ISO-K/CF adapter pieces.

CF (ConFlat®) SYSTEM

Anadolu Vacuum CF components are manufactured according to ISO 3669. The CF flange (originally called ConFlat) is a sexless design where both flanges are identical. Typical flange materials are stainless steel types 304, 316L, 316LN ESR. All components are 100% leak-tested and have leak rates better than 10-10 mbarl/s. Standard sizes are NW 16 to 250. Other sizes can be produced on request. The ultra high vacuum range (UHV) assigns the pressure range <10-8 mbar. To reach and keep up this low pressure range, a very low outgassing rate is required in the vacuum system. Please consider the product information given on the product pages.

The CF components is sealed off by the cutting edge profile in the flange and a copper sealing washer. The copper sealing washer is embedded in the flange groove and, simultaneously, centres couple of flanges. While bolting the flanges, the cutting edges of the flanges for sealing are pressed deeply into the soft sealing washer, whereby the metal “flows away” radially and is pressed on the outside against the flange groove and limited. Even in the case of material deformation, this guarantees leak-tightness.

The flanges of the CF connections are designed according to ISO 3669. They are compatible with the Con-Flat flanges of other well-known brand. The standard material used is steels type 304. For the most widely recognized flanges and components, higher quality high-grade steels type 316L can also be used. The material number for the component can be found in the respective catalogue sections (“Components Elements Properties”). Because of the bake-out capacity necessary to UHV technology, sealing of the CF flanges is by means of a flat seal made of oxygen-free (OFHC) copper. The contact pressure is composed by diametrical tightening of the screws. The copper seal can only be used once. When baking out CF connections, ensure that heating up and cooling is achieved uniformly and sort of slowly.


As Anadolu Vacuum, we are constantly working on research and development and product development projects. We understand your needs and are happy to be your solution partner by providing a trusted advisor. We design special products according to your needs by providing engineering, design and manufacturing services for ISO-KF, ISO-K, ISO-F and CF (ConFlat) systems in vacuum and semiconductor industry with our team of 30 experts consisting of engineers, technicians, designers, operators and administrative staff. You can contact us for special production vacuum components, vacuum chambers and vacuum brazings.